In Process Page


All of your API rate returns & pending spot quotes are housed on the In Process page.  This page is loaded with filters and toggles that give you the ability to view your Recent quotes, book loads, and more.

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LTL & Parcel Quotes 

The default view consists of recent quotes run by you, descending by pick-up date.  These quotes will be visible for 92 days until the quote is canceled or booked.  Click on any LTL or Parcel quote tile to see more options in the slider.

At the top:


All rates: click here.  This link takes you back to the original results page, from here you can refresh the rate, print the results, edit the data & re-run the quote, or choose a carrier to book with.


Along the bottom:

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+ Rate: Click here and the slider opens a Manual Rate Entry form.  Enter the carrier name, quote number, and price to see this option added to your rates results/booking options.

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Edit request: this link takes you back to the quote page you initially filled out, you can edit the info, and Save Changes to see new rate results.


x Cancel request: Select √ Yes, we'll delete this quote and its data from your account.

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= Details: This also takes you to your original rate results page offering a bird's eye view of the quote run.


LTL Flat File Upload

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Start by selecting the Upload shipments option from the top; from here open the key to guide you on how to submit a compatible file, or download the example.csv template.  

When you are ready, Choose a CSV file and click √Submit.  If there are any errors during the upload, we will call them out for you to adjust, without needing to upload the sheet again.

errorAfter submission, your file will be processed and results posted within the In Process tab, alongside your other Recent Quotes.  Please note that the rate return times will vary on the size of the file, more information Here.


Spot & Truckload Quotes

After sending out your bid requests, you can view and manage your carrier responses, click the shipment tile to open up the slider.  Rate responses sort lowest to highest price.

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  • Active: Bids that have been returned by your carrier.
  • Inactive: Carriers who have not responded or declined the load.
  • Get more rates: Add additional emails to bid on your freight.

You can click the printer Icon to download or print a PDF of the rates as well. When you are ready to select a carrier, click the box next to their name and then Select this carrier.

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Read more about the Truckload Workflows Here


Shipment Filters

Quickly sort through default and customized filters to find any subset of quotes here.  The static list includes Booking errors, All shipments, Recent & Saved quotes, and then a breakdown by mode and status.

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Lastly, create a custom filter for single use, or save it so it can accessed any time you come back to this page.

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