Highlight: Saved Quotes

Ask and you shall receive. Many of our users have requested the ability to save quotes. This is a great way to pass the baton. Saving a quote creates an easy way for one user to quote and select a carrier, and then another use to come in and complete the process. All you’ll need to do is pass the assigned reference number on to your colleague.

When you hit the orange ellipses (...) now, in addition to your terminal infoand rate breakdown, you’ll see the option to save your quote with a reference number of your choice.

If you entered a shipper reference number at the time of quoting it will pre-populate when you go to save a quote.

When you, or your colleague, is ready to find the saved quote you’ll simply go to the quoting screen, and click “Saved quotes.”

From here you can see a complete list of your saved quotes, and search by that reference number that was assigned.

When you select your saved quote, it will take you to the booking page with the carrier that was pre-selected. From here you’ll just complete filling out your BOL and schedule as normal.

If you need to select a different than was originally chosen you can go back to the full list of rates by clicking either the carrier logo or name.

We will keep your saved quotes for up to 90 days. Past that, it’s probably a good idea to just run a new rate, anyway. Once your shipment is booked, it will fall out of your saved quotes queue.

Saving is easy, but not required to pull back any quote you've recently ran, but didn't book: Recent Quotes will still will keep all of your quotes for up to 90 days-- so only save the quotes that you need to pass on, or easily find.

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