Know Your Settings Page

Know Your Settings Page


We wanted to highlight some of the Settings we offer that help better cater to your Freightview experience.


Folks who do not have Full Access will not have this full list or toggles available.  For example, they aren't able to Add/Remove carriers, account locations, or users or add company branding, or contracted rates.  We'll skip over the general settings and drill down into the more customizable options.

Click your name in the top-right corner to get to Settings.

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User Preferences 

This user-level page gives options for quote settings by mode and messaging.  Select Default equipment options for Truckload, Quote Preferences for LTL & Parcel, and email notification for Spot-Quotes.

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Account Settings

Select this Option to view a more in-depth list of toggles to better customize your experience. This is where you'll see options for Quoting, Booking, Shipping, Audit, Product Catalog, Notifications, Address Book, and Tags.

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Quoting & Booking

These sections include several toggles that customize your user/team experience - the majority of which were requested from other users like you.  Toggle the Yes/No, Y/N, to set your preferred behavior.

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Shipping Labels

You set the default for label sizes across your team(s).  Read more about these settings Here

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Audit, Product Catalog, Notifications

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Address Book, Tags

Help keep your data clean by selecting if new addresses are saved or if any user can create a new tag.  You can also click their direct links from the Settings List to dive further into saved data.

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The Address Book Settings include editing/adding addresses, uploading a CSV of contacts, or clearing the current items.  Our team has the ability to help Upload or Export your Address Book, Contact Us  for further assistance.

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Tag Management Settings help your team utilize a set of tags to manage and analyze your shipment behaviors.  These carry over into exports and auditing information.  For a more in-depth look, click Here 

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Spot Quote Groups

Click here to add any carrier email address you want to access your Spot/Truckload bids. They in turn get Free access to our Carrier Portal.  Contacts can be organized by creating groups outside of All Contacts, this helps save a ton of time across LTL, Spot, Reefer, and Truckload.  Common groups are saved by Region, Mode, or Provider.  

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API Integration

This section shows your Account/User API Keys, Version 1&2.  Are you working to set up an integration? Make sure the person who's building out the connection has a login to your account to access this data.  There is more Here on connecting to Freightview's suite of APIs.

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Need to change a payment source or print a receipt?  This section also has a field to enter email addresses to automatically receive copies as well, click Here.

The Blue Dates are links to download pdf copies of your transactions.

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Are you enjoying Freightview? Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback: Contact Us