Auditing Invoices

Auditing Invoices

Freightview allows you to complete your shipments' lifecycle with tools to help with Invoicing, Discrepancies, and Data tracking/exports. 

To start, click the Audit icon on the top toolbar.  

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Auditing Queues

  • Outstanding: 48 hours after the scheduled pick-up date, each shipment will have a card created in the Outstanding queue.
  • Accepted: The Invoice amount is accepted and/or paid to the carrier.
  • Disputed: The Invoice did not match and you are disputing the initial fees.
  • Archived: Cards can be moved here for a variety of reasons, a common occurrence is that the bill has been paid or the dispute has been closed.

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Card Management

  • Choose Yes and that shipment will be moved automatically into your Accepted queue.
  • Choose No to show the additional option to either challenge the invoice, mark it as Disputed, or enter a different amount to mark it as Accepted.


  • You can add notes about why you’re accepting a different amount, such as reclass or re-consignment fees.  
  • The enhanced Audit Export that can be generated under the Accepted list will now show more detailed Invoice Notes in the last column of the spreadsheet. 


  • You can challenge the cost and submit the dispute back to your carrier, you must provide the contact email.
  • Any documents received either API or uploaded will be included in the communication.

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Custom Filters

  • There are defaulted mode filters available for LTL, Parcel, and Truckload on the left-hand side. 
  • Use the Custom Filter to find any loads older than 90 days.
  • You can also Create a custom filter, similar to what’s available on the Shipments page. For example, if you wanted to have a set list of shipments displayed that pertain to one account location - with a specific carrier, you now have the ability to do so!
  • Just like on the Shipments and Analytics page, you can create custom filters to sort out certain shipments, even saving that search for future uses.

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Invoice Matching Tool

  • This add-on tool is available by request.
  • Once enabled, you can set a percentage or dollar amount for your invoices to be auto-accepted via your Settings page.
  • For example: You decide to set a 3% overage limit for your LTL invoices and a $50 overage limit for your TL invoices, therefore, any shipments that are within that range of the quoted price will auto-move into the Accepted queue.

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  • We'll indicate in both the Accepted Queue and Export which invoices were auto-accepted.
  • Any invoice that falls outside of those perimeters will remain in the outstanding queue for you to review or possibly dispute.  

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Contact our team with any additional questions or to request access to Invoice Matching: FV Support