Automated Invoice Matching

Automated Invoice Matching

This automation tool can automatically audit your carrier and broker invoices, adding efficiency to your bill payment process, and thus giving you more time to focus on shipments that may need to be disputed or investigated further.  Mitch walks you through a short demo below:



Once the feature is enabled by our team, click over to your Account Settings page to select your limitations.  Please note that this option will only show for Full Access users:

Click the pencil icon to toggle the acceptance threshold by either % or dollar amount.

Which invoices are applicable?

  • LTL We have the connection to receive invoices automatically from 13 different LTL carriers/brokers.  With more supporting this in the future!
  • Spot/Truckload: Invoice uploads from the carrier portal will be scanned, the only requirement is the pdf format.

For example: You decide to set a 3% overage limit for your LTL invoices and a $50 overage limit for your TL invoices, therefore, any shipments that are within that range of the quoted price will auto-move into the Accepted queue.

Once an invoice is uploaded that falls within the thresholds you set, it will either stay in the Outstanding queue in Audit for you to review, or automatically sort into the Accepted queue accordingly.

Please note this feature will not be retroactive and automatically audit your invoices from the past when it is turned on.

Read more about our Auditing feature Here, and contact our amazing Support Team to request access or explore further.