On Time Delivery Reporting in Freightview

One of the big advantages to using Freightview is that fact we gather and compile meaningful analytics for you as you ship that can be exported into a CSV that you can put to work based on your needs.

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A request we heard over and over was the need to report on time delivery with Freightview. Part of making the best choices when it comes to your freight is knowing the carriers you choose are delivering on time, and as expected. Getting great rates doesn't matter as much if you aren’t receiving the service you are paying for.

On time delivery will now show up in your Freightview export. We have added a column that will show TRUE or FALSE based on rather we show a delivery date on or before the day the carrier calculated delivery based on transit times. This is column CQ on the export.

TRUE means it did delivery on time, FALSE means it did not. If the carrier doesn’t provide the delivery date, we will leave the field blank.

You can manipulate this data into a report that is meaningful to you. In this sample. I created a pivot table in Excel that shows how many shipments delivered on time and how many delivered late, per carrier.

This dataset below is just an example configured with fake data, this isn’t a real report, and doesn’t reflect real shipments with the carriers listed.

pivot table


You can manipulate your export in whatever way is most meaningful to you, this is just one example. To create this report you’d choose to create a pivot table in Excel, and select the following data points and put them in the corresponding fields when building your table:

  • On time delivery (Columns)
  • Carrier (Rows)
  • Shipment ID (Values)

You can go further and turn these into percentages to see how often a carrier delivers on time or not. To turn these into percentages you will click the i in the values section where you placed “Shipment ID.”

Then you will choose to Show data as % of Parent Column Total.



Then your data will look like this:

on time reporting

If you need more information about pivot tables and how they work this article is really helpful.

This is just another way Freightview is helping you make the best choices when it comes to your freight operations. Not utilizing Freightview yet? Sign up for a free trial today and see what we’re all about.