I'm a Carrier, How Do I Get Setup on Freightview?

Freightview is an online freight management platform designed for shippers who have direct rates established with carriers/providers. We aren’t a load board or a broker, and we don’t negotiate any rates ourselves—we really just provide a centralized dashboard that allows LTL shippers to view all their rates from all their different carriers/brokers in one place.

So, you’re an LTL carrier (or broker!) and you’d like to get your rates in front of some shippers on Freightview. Because Freightview is a neutral platform, we will only show your rates to shippers who have direct contract pricing with you and have requested to connect to those rates.

Freightview’s technology uses web services/API’s to connect to a carrier or broker’s website, and then pulls the customer’s rates back into their quote results page. Therefore, each applicable carrier or broker must have online rating (where a customer can run a quote on your company’s website) and the ability to interface with Freightview using web services technology.

Freightview’s unique platform cannot support manual loading of customer rates/tariffs; or the ability for a provider to log in, view, and/or bid on our customer’s freight.

Think your company fits our profile? Here’s a quick checklist to make sure you are ready to connect to Freightview:

1) Provide a confirmation of online rating that returns a shipper’s negotiated rates on your website. 
2) Provide a link to your web services/API documentation for our developers to review for compatibility. 
3) Provide a written approval (email) from a company leader (director or above) saying they can allow Freightview to use the API to retrieve customer rates.

Once we have these items, our customers will determine the order we add new carriers to our platform. The more customers who request your company to be added to their Freightview account, the sooner our team will make the connection possible.

You can have your company’s rates implemented more immediately if you refer possible customers to our platform, as we will prioritize accordingly for an influx of demand for your carrier/broker rates. Or, you can give me a call and we can negotiate the best way to get your rates going as quickly as we can.

Contact Information:

Jennifer Jones