Carrier Connections On FV

Carrier Connections On FV

Freightview is a TMS for shippers to bring together their direct Parcel/LTL rates, established with our API-connected carriers, and/or contacts they do Spot Volume & Truckload with.  Here they can quote, book, track, and interact with all of their providers in one place.

Spot Quote/Truckload Carriers

To interact with your customer's Spot Volume & Truckload freight, you just need to ask your contact to add the applicable email address to their list.  From there they'll create the quote and shoot out a request for pricing. 

You'll receive a link to Freightview's Carrier Portal via email that takes you to a free dashboard to bid on and be awarded freight.  From there you can upload paperwork, message, and change tracking info.  (Shippers manage all of their carriers and freight externally & directly).


Parcel/LTL Carriers & Brokers

Freightview’s technology uses Web services/APIs to connect to a carrier's website and then brings the customer’s direct rates back into FV.

Each applicable carrier or broker must have an online rating engine (where a customer logs in to run a quote on your company’s website) and the ability to plugin with Freightview using web services technology.

Freightview’s unique platform cannot support any manual loading of customer rates/tariffs.

Think your company fits our profile? Here’s a quick checklist to make sure you are ready to connect to Freightview:

1) Provide a confirmation of Online rating that returns a shipper’s negotiated rates on your website. 

2) Provide a link to your web services/API documentation for our developers to review for compatibility. 

3) Provide written approval (email) from a company leader (director or above) saying they can allow Freightview to use the API to retrieve customer rates.

4) 10 or more FV customers have requested your connection - this is how we prioritize our resources.  (Connection can take 3-6 months)

You can have your company’s rates implemented more immediately if you refer possible customers to our platform, as we will prioritize accordingly for an influx of demand for your carrier/broker rates. Or, you can give me a call and we can negotiate the best way to get your rates going as quickly as we can.

Contact Information:

Jennifer Jones 

Questions? Contact our Support Team.