Uploading Your Address Book to Freightview

One of the great time-saving aspects of Freightview is that our system always remembers what you ship and where you shipped it, so that you never have to enter your info in more than once. We realized, however, that many of our shippers have a little black book full of their shipping contacts and all the different companies they might ship to or from. To accommodate our users, Freightview now offers the ability to load your entire address book onto your account at once.

Here's how:

Compile all your address book entries (places you frequently ship to, vendors, shipping contacts, etc.) into a spreadsheet or download it from an existing system your company uses.

The file must contain a header row, with the titles of your columns (i.e. Company, Address, City, State, etc). Here are the headers our system requires:

  • Company
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip

We also allow some additional fields, but these aren't required:

  • Address 2
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Phone
  • Contact Email
  • Country (defaults to US if not specified)

Make sure to save all your address book data as a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file in order to upload it to Freightview. You can turn any Excel spreadsheet into a CSV file by simply saving it as a .csv in Excel.

Here's an example of how we need the CSV formatted, with the minimum required columns included:

Example addressbook CSV

Once you've compiled all your addresses and contacts into a CSV file in that format, it's ready to be loaded onto Freightview. Simply log on to Freightview, click the gear button in the top right corner, and select "Address Book" from the dropdown menu.

Click the upload icon:

Upload your addresses

Then select the CSV file you'd like to upload. Once you select the spreadsheet you just created, our system will ask you to confirm that all the columns are matching up correctly with the data you want to upload.

Map your uploaded data to match our address fields

All you need to do is make sure that the company names are listed under the Company name header, addresses under the Address header, etc. If any of them don't look right, you can switch them around by clicking the dropdown to make sure the column headers match up to the corresponding list. If there's an extra column of data that you don't want to include, just select "Ignore."

When you've double-checked that all the data is matching up in the right columns, click "Upload." Depending on how many address book entries you're trying to upload, it can take a fair amount of time to load them all into our system. The progress bar shows you how much of the upload has been completed.

Addressbook upload progress

While it's uploading, remember to leave that address book page with the progress bar open and don't navigate away from the upload. If you close the tab or go to a new website (or page in Freightview), it will halt the upload. Instead, you can always open a new window or tab and bounce around wherever you'd like in that new window.

Once it's complete, it will show you how many addresses were successfully uploaded.

Addressbook Upload success

If there were any errors in the data you uploaded, they will be listed below. These errors are just letting you know that some of the data you tried to upload didn't look correct - maybe the zip code didn't have enough digits, or the city wasn't valid, or a required field was left blank, etc. Those entries that had invalid data were left out of the address book, but the rest were uploaded without a hitch.

Freightview Addressbook Upload errors

Many of our users just let those errors slide, and will type the entry in on Freightview in the one-off event that they need to ship with that address. Freightview remembers any address you ship to or from, so it will be added into the address book that way. Or, if you'd like to make sure those entries are fixed up right away, you can go back into your CSV file and fix those entries and re-upload. We won't duplicate any entries in that second upload - just fix the ones that were broken.

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