New Feature Alert: Select Bill-To Address

Our latest release offers another way for you to have complete control over your shipping processes and your shipping documents. We are now giving you the option to choose your bill-to address on your contracted LTL shipments.

Previously you had to use one central address or the company location you were rating from as the bill to address on your bill of lading (BOL). You now choose your bill-to address on every individual contracted LTL shipment.

To use this feature, you will begin your quoting process as you always have. You won’t notice anything different until you arrive at the booking page, because this information will not affect the way your shipment is rated. At the bottom of the booking page, you will see a section of “Bill-to address”

We will auto-fill that information with the information that was already set to use as your bill-to information.

You can find your default bill-to information on your settings page and made any edits there.

If you don’t want to change any information, then just continue on as you normally would and create your BOL. If you need to change your bill-to address for your shipment, simply edit the text fields with the new information.

The bill-to you enter will then be printed on your BOL.

bol bill to

Just another way Freightview works for you.

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