National Specialty Alloys - Case Study

In a world where time is money, Jessie Contreras had a problem to solve. Soon after joining National Specialty Alloys (NSA) as shipping coordinator, he realized that processing the 40 to 60 shipments per day for the company was taking more time than it should. “I started looking at some numbers for companies that we’re currently shipping with and comparing it to other carriers,” Contreras says. “Just doing that research myself took forever.”

He needed a solution that would save time and cut costs.

Contreras redirected his research toward finding technology to streamline the process. He discovered a promising solution in the online freight management tool Freightview, which connects users to carriers they already have relationships with and automatically delivers up-to-date rates for comparison. Users can then schedule their shipments directly through the tool’s interface.

Smooth Transition

Contreras says Freightview immediately stood out from its competitors because it used the rates NSA had already agreed upon with carriers, including discounts and fee waivers he’d personally worked out with some of them.

“For maybe six months before I found Freightview, that’s what I was working on,” Contreras says. “So I definitely wanted to keep my rates in place and didn’t want to go with a third-party company to use their blanket rates. That’s what sold me.”

It didn’t take long for NSA’s salespeople to get excited about Freightview as well. Contreras signed up for Freightview’s free trial and solicited his sales team’s feedback on the software. They loved it. The company’s salespeople are responsible for selecting carriers for about 70% of NSA’s shipments, so they welcomed the streamlined approach to the process.

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Cost Saver

Contreras recommends the software for both convenience and for the considerable financial savings. When he and his team were sifting through multiple carriers on their own, they ran the risk of missing a good deal if they lacked time to check multiple carriers. With Freightview, they have the full slate of options at their fingertips.

“Within a couple of days, with as many shipments as we do here, it’ll pay for itself easily,” says Contreras.

Hearing testimonies like this is what keeps us going. Thanks, Jessie!  Freightview can help you minimize your shipping costs, too. Sign Up for a Free Trial to Get started.