Enhancement alert: Analytics

Similar to Auditing, Freightview recently pushed out changes to the Analytics page. The functionality will stay the same, but there are several changes to call out specifically: 

  • The “Unrealized Savings” and “Realized Savings” numbers will now be located under Service Providers. (Previously, these numbers were found under Spending History). 
  • The Lanes map is now a Heat map.  This upgraded view is more legible when viewing a large data set, thus replacing the “lines” that would overlap, and instead, each dot represents the final destination on a shipment.
    Heat Map

    In addition, you can now incorporate “Saved Views” into your Analytics. This is a great way to manipulate the data so you see just the parameters you put in place.

    For instance, if you wanted to see how much freight one of your shipping locations has moved within a given timeframe while using a specific carrier, you can do so and save the query to access at any time. 

    XPO-1Need to edit the Date Range?  Just click on the drop-down Last week and select Custom.
    From there you can toggle the dates using the back/forth arrows, or clear the date range by clicking the Blue X.
    Date Range
    These changes are making way for exciting additions down the road, and the upcoming release of our Truckload Workflows!