Allan Store Fixtures: Why Using Freightview is a Smart Investment

Allan Store Fixtures has been using Freightview for a couple of years now. For Mamoon Allan, owner of Allan Store Fixtures, having accurate, easily available freight costs can mean the difference between making and losing a sale. His business in the Dallas suburbs sells everything from display cases to checkout counters to mannequins, all for use in retail stores. Because he deals with such large equipment, shipping can be expensive. Freightview has made his entire process easier and cheaper.

“It’s probably the best investment I ever made." --Mamoon Allan, owner of Allan Store Fixtures

“Prior to Freightview, I would have to go to a broker’s website and run a quote. Then I’d have to go to another broker’s website. It was very time-consuming,” he says. Earlier attempts at using services to streamline the process hadn’t worked. “[A past service I used] could be off by two or three hundred dollars,” he says. These discrepancies sometimes delayed his ability to set prices for customers or ruined his margin entirely.

Streamlining the Process

Freightview changed all that. It allows Allan to use one online tool to gather price quotes from all his local carriers, even when he’s shipping multiple less-than-truckload (LTL) items. “What took 10 minutes now takes a few seconds,” he says. Once the shipping information is input, Freightview provides rate comparisons, and—after a carrier is selected—allows users to print shipping labels and bills of lading and to schedule pickups. At any time, Freightview can generate data to help determine which carriers best serve a company’s needs, including statistics about price over time from individual carriers.

LTL TMS shipping

For Allan, the integration of Freightview with his e-commerce site is also a big selling point. “This makes shipping rates live for my customers,” he says. And it also makes it easier for his employees to see exactly what his customers are seeing, and to trust that the shipping rates will be accurate.

That makes for an easier and faster shipping process all around. His customers get great quotes, he doesn’t have to waste time with multiple shipping websites, and he has more time to ensure his business is running smoothly. In fact, Allan has only one question: “Man,” he laughs, “why didn’t I think of creating something like this?”

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