Why Your TMS Should Go Beyond Your Logistics Department

A transportation management system is a valuable tool, and it seems obvious that your logistics team would have access to this kind of tool but it can go beyond your basic logistics functionalities. A good TMS helps to streamline the process from quoting all the way to paying the carriers for moving your freight.

If you’re only giving your logistics team access to your TMS you’re leaving a lot of opportunity on the table. Multiple departments can benefit from having access to your TMS. Below you’ll find some examples.

Sales Team

Giving your sales team access to your TMS can be really beneficial. They can quickly give an accurate quote to a customer. In a system like Freightview you can even include an automatic markup to the quote if you want to pad the costs a little bit.

Customer Service

With access to your TMS your customer service team can quickly find tracking information with a customer. One website with one login results in a quicker turnaround with this information than multiple carrier websites. With Freightview you can even send an email with live tracking info directly to your customer.


If your finance department is in charge of paying your freight bills having access to the company’s TMS can ensure they aren’t over-paying. By having access to the original quote they can know pretty quickly and easily if they need to approve or dispute an invoice sent over by your freight carrier.

Are you worried about giving departments outside of logistics access to your TMS? Not to worry-- Freightview allows you to set what access level each and every user has from quote only, to quote and book to full access.

Vendor Procurement

Freightview generates powerful analytics as you book within Freightview. Exporting and analyzing this raw data goes far beyond basic reporting. This data can, and should, be used to negotiate pricing with your carriers. These analytics allow you to see your spend with each carrier by dollar amount, weight, and cost per hundredweight.

Freightview is a carrier neutral platform. No data selling and no freight traps. Not using Freightview in your business yet? Try us for free and sign up today.