Why Free Isn't Always Free

We’ve been hearing more and more about free software systems to claim to bring the value we know Freightview is bringing, and the more we dig in, the more we just don’t buy it.

You have to ask yourself-- is this software that isn’t costing you anything actually bringing forth any value to your operation? Here are some questions that will help you evaluate whether using a free freight software is the way to go.

How many users and locations are allowed?

Many free freight softwares will limit you to one location and one user. Only having the access to quote and book from one location limits your visibility and so does only having one set of credentials. Even if you give that login to multiple people you’ll never truly know who is doing what.

What kind of functionality is offered?

How much functionality are you losing out on? Does this free software save your shipment data or is it gone after you book your shipment? Freightview saves your shipping data for you, and assembles this data into meaningful analytics that can be useful in price negotiation with carriers as well just in your day to day operations. If you don’t have the ability to see your freight history, you’re losing so much previous visibility and the power to come to the negotiating table equipped with knowledge of your freight spend and the data to back it up. Visibility is key.

What kind of customer support is offered?

A product is only as good as the support that comes with it. There’s a learning curve with any new software, no matter how intuitive. You want to ensure you’re going to have a team ready to to answer your questions and support you throughout your use of the software. You can reach us at Freightview 3 ways-- a phone call, an email, or our live chat feature.

Is your data protected?

Your data is your data. We do not share it with anyone. It's in our terms and conditions. Data privacy may be a cost you are paying in exchange for a free platform. If this is important to you, check the terms and conditions and don't be afraid to ask questions.

We know we bring value to our customers and your subscription costs help us to keep a top notch support team in place as well as keep all of our development in house with developers who really care about this product. We are constantly expanding and improving the technology of Freightview, largely based of the needs and wants of our customers.

We’re confident in our product, and we know you will be too. Try us for free for 14 days and see all the value that Freightview brings.