How To Troubleshoot Rates Not Returning

Our aim at Freightview is to give you the power to make the best choice of carrier on every shipment. This means giving you visibility to the carriers who don’t return rates for specific quotes as well, and the reasoning behind it.

When you run a rate within Freightview, we’ll display your rate options as always, but under those we will tell you how many rates did not return. There is an arrow you can click that will allow you to see specifically which carriers did not return and why.

I want to take this opportunity to go over some common errors you may see and what they mean and what to do about them.

Login Rate Error:

Many of your carrier connections are made using your username and password to their carrier’s website. If those change, you will need to update them in Freightview as well. You can update your carrier credentials easily on the FV dashboard.

Instances in which you should contact Freightview:

  • Any error mentioning an invalid shipper code or an error prompting you the need to select a role-- i.e shipper, consignee, etc.

  • Null or invalid account number

  • UPS’ “Please contact UPS Freight Customer Service for Rates at 800-333-7400.” I know it sounds confusing to contact us first, but this error tends to come back for any UPS issue and it might be easier for us to troubleshoot the real problem before you try to call your rep.

  • Anytime an error just appears to be mumbo jumbo you can report it to us. We do what we can on our end to make sure error messages make sense, but sometimes carriers will send back technical lingo. We will do what we can to help you translate.

Instances in which you should contact your carrier rep:

  • Customer not autorated: This often means your carrier account isn’t setup to pull in your rates through the API. Most carriers require you to request this-- and not Freightview. If you need help with wording, we can always assist.

  • Sorry, this account is not set up to generate rate quotes” or anything of the sorts. In this case, it is likely you cannot even get a rate directly on the carrier’s website.

  • Carrier API/ESOCKET timeout. API is how we connect with your carrier rates. When an API goes down that is something the carrier will have to fix. I always recommend rerunning the rate, however, because sometimes these outages are fleeting.

  • Carrier says you have no rates for this lane: If you believe this to be true then you don’t need to do a thing. However, if you believe this to be a mistake contact your rep to be sure you have pricing in place, and if you do, we’ll be more than happy to get that connection established for you within Freightview.

  • Carrier doesn’t support online rating for [insert accessorial here.] : Freightview makes everything available for quoting that the carrier allows. Some carriers have certain limitations, however. It couldn’t hurt to let the carrier know which limitations are affecting your business.

If the carrier API timed out it could just be a momentary outage. We always recommend rerunning the rate to see if it returns. To do this, all you need to do is hit the pencil, this will take you back and let you hit the "Show my rates" button again.

These just cover some of the basics. If you ever come across an error and you’re unsure what to do you can always reach our support team by live chat, email or over the phone. We’re more than happy to help but wanted to arm you knowledge of some of the most frequent errors we see in our day to day operations.


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