Sharing your Freightview Shipments

At Freightview, we’re all about saving time and enhancing your communications. You can share your Freightview shipments with whomever you need to stay in the loop.

It’s quick and easy to do, and is it a great tool for keeping your customers informed about the status of their shipments. Not only does this feature give you the ability to share tracking information, but BOLs and labels as well.

There are plenty of reasons to share your shipment information. Here are a few:

  1. Free up your sales and customer service teams, so they can focus on what matters. Does your sales team consistently receive calls asking where a certain product is? Or is customer service spending time handling requests for tracking numbers, instead of addressing more pressing matters? Sharing your shipment info on Freightview means you won't have to field as many tracking inquiries. At the same time, our emails are generated instantly, so you don't have to waste time drafting emails with your BOL, labels, or tracking yourself. Even if it’s just one or two request per week, the second it takes to share a shipment can pay dividends for your other departments, allowing them to focus on building your business.

  2. Be proactive for your customer. Sharing your tracking info as you book them allowing you to come out ahead of any questions or concerns about the shipment. You can be proactive about any shipping concerns, and anticipate the needs of your customer.

  3. Keep your shipping process transparent and efficient. If you have shipments scheduled for pickup with several different carriers in one day, wouldn’t it be nice to know which carriers are delivering at your location as well? Not only does sharing a shipment allow you to communicate tracking information, but lets the consignee know the delivering carrier as well. More awareness for your operation, less confusion.

  4. Make it easier on your consignee. Tracking details are all but expected when shipping parcel, why should it be any different with your LTL freight? Freightview will provide the tracking information that rivals most big box retailers.

    Check out the example below. Since detailed tracking information was made readily available to the customer, the consignee was able to determine that the freight was damaged before having it arrive at the warehouse, preventing an unwelcome surprise upon delivery. Sending tracking information can be particularly handy to the consignee if your shipments time-sensitive, allowing the consignee to prepare for delivery accordingly.
    tracking LTL shipments

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