What can booking in Freightview do for you?

Back when we started in 2014 a lot of people just viewed us as a rating tool, but we’ve come so far and we’re so much more than that. Booking within Freightview really opens up so many more benefits.


What kind of benefits can you start to see when you book within Freightview?

BOLs and Shipping Labels

We will automatically create BOLs and shipping labels for your shipments. In most cases, we can offer you the carrier BOL as well.

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We schedule your pickups for you

Freightview will automatically schedule all of your pickups with your carriers, or, if you’d rather schedule them yourself or have a standing appointment with your carrier we have a “Print BOL Only” option for you to select.

Powerful analytics

When you book in Freightview we collect that data and store it for you. You can export it in a .csv file and easily analyze all of your shipping costs. You can view your spending history, frequently shipped lanes, and freight spend per carrier.



We offer live tracking updates, pre assigned PRO numbers, and pickup numbers sent straight back from the carrier.


See your shipping documents

Once your shipment is delivered we will pull in documents like your delivery receipt, signed BOL, and in some cases even an invoice.


Audit your invoices

Auditing your invoices truly completes the shipment lifecycle within Freightview. You send disputes directly out of the system to your carrier, complete with information from the original quote and your reason for disputing.

Mar_13_2019_15_23_11_1552572942642-1562951389021If you’re still just using Freightview as a quoting tool you’ve leaving a lot of time and opportunity on the table. If you want us to walk you through your first quote we’re here to help. Call support at 913.353.6188 or email us at support@freightview.com

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