Webinar Alert: Taking Your TMS Beyond Your Shipping Department

A transportation management system is a valuable tool, and it seems obvious that your logistics team would have access to this kind of tool but it can go beyond your basic logistics functionalities. A good TMS helps to streamline the process from quoting all the way to paying the carriers for moving your freight.

If you’re only giving your logistics team access to your TMS you’re leaving a lot of opportunity on the table. Multiple departments can benefit from having access to your TMS.

Join us April 20th at 10:30am CST, for a live webinar where we will demonstrate how Freightview can benefit your shipping department, sales team, customer service team, finance department, and beyond. 

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We'll have an open Q&A session after the presentation, and we hope to see you there. 

This webinar is great for people who already utilize Freightview and want to expend it's reach as well as anyone who is just curious about our platform and wants to learn more.