Visualize your shipping data with Freightview Analytics

When you're using Freightview to streamline your day-to-day freight shipping, you're also generating tons of data about your shipments, carriers, lanes, spending and so on. Freightview helps you visualize that data so you can put it to work.

Freightview Analytics menu item

Here are a few examples of what you can see:

Your service providers

This chart shows the carriers and brokers you've used to move your shipments. There are two views: by dollars spent and by number of shipments moved.

Screenshot of service providers chart

Your lanes

This map illustrates the lanes where you've shipped.

Screenshot of lanes map

Your spending

This chart gives you a perspective on how much money you've spent on shipping over time. You can even narrow it down to specific service providers.

Screenshot of spending chart

We're working on lots of other interesting ways to slice and dice your data, and we'd love to hear your ideas. Send them to me at

Freightview Analytics: another way we're changing your relationship with shipping.