View Your Account Numbers in Freightview

At Freightview we encourage our customers to be actively involved in maintaining and growing their relationships with their carriers. Our customers still entirely own that relationship-- we’re just here to make shipping processes easier.

We used to keep all of your carrier account information on the backend, but we decided the owner of the account and full access users should be able to see exactly which account number, per carrier, your locations are tied to.

To access this information you simply go to the settings page, which can be accessed by clicking your name in the top right hand corner.

From here you will click, “Carriers” on the left hand menu. Here you will see all of your carrier connections listed. Expand out and see the account number Freightview is using to pull your rates into the system

Want to streamline your shipping process while still being in control of your carrier relationships? Try Freightview for free today.