How To Utilize Spot Quote Groups

Requesting LTL Spot & Truckload quotes in Freightview is made easier by the ability to group your carrier contacts.  Read on about how to set up your account so your users can send out quotes depending on the mode, location, equipment type, etc.

To create a new list, click on your name in the top right-hand corner, the slider brings out your account settings, then click on Spot quote contacts. (

From here you can create as many customizable groups as you may need. You can always make changes when necessary. We will keep a master list of all of your contacts as well.

How are people using spot quote groups?

You can use these groups to have separate lists for specific regions, specific equipment types, or carriers you know can expedite your freight. 

spot quote groups

Any user can choose the distribution list appropriate for your particular quote and keep on truckin’.

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