Utilizing a 3PL and Asset Carriers

No two shipper operations look the same. Each shipping department has to find a solution that works best for their business and their specific needs. In some cases that means using both a 3PL and asset based LTL carriers in your solution.

Let’s talk about how it can be beneficial to add a 3PL into the mix.

Discounts where you need them

One major benefit is that with a 3PL you will have access to regional carrier providers at discounts you cannot secure yourself. You likely have great discounts on your common lanes, but you are bound to experience those oddball lanes where a regional carrier you don’t have a relationship with is going to be the best choice.

Consolidate carrier management

Managing multiple carrier relationships can be a lot of work. Minimize that work by keeping your core carriers and utilizing a 3PL relationship for the rest. This minimizes the amount of relationships you have to maintain, contracts you have to negotiate, and bills you have to pay.

Shipments outside of your normal LTL needs

There will be times you need to book a shipment that doesn’t fall under regular LTL standards. Maybe you need a volume quote or a quote for full truckload-- your 3PL can assist with these. You can send a spot quote request their way and they can do the legwork for you to find a carrier to move the freight.

Best of all… it can plug into Freightview

You already know that Freightview works with your asset based carriers but you can bring your 3PL contracts into the system for a select group-- C.H. Robinson, Freightquote, Echo Global, and DLS Worldwide. See your direct rates in the same place you see your brokered rates.

If you don’t have negotiated rates with a 3PL, but want to send out spot bids, we have a tool for that, too. You can send a spot request through Freightview for any carrier or 3PL you have an email contact for.

Are you ready to see how Freightview can help manage all of your shipments in one place? Sign up for a free trial of our transportation management system today.