Using Saved Views in Freightview

Last year we rolled out the ability to save views in Freightview. We wanted to take some time to highlight some of the ways you can make saved views work for you and your business.


saved views


Claims Portal

We have had customers ask for a claims portal in the past. Saved views in conjunction with tags is a really great way to see which shipments you have open claims for.

If you currently use tags to mark your shipments you can easily setup a saved view to see them all.



This customer uses the “damage” tag. You use multiple tags and combine them in your view as well if they are applicable.

filter by tag


Daily Manifest

Want to easily see every shipment you have going out in a day? Simply filter out by pickup date and choose “today.”

pickup date


If you have multiple shipping locations and only want to see your pickups out of one location just add that as a filter, too.



Delivered Today

A lot of of users want to know which of their shipments were delivered that day.

Simply filter your delivery date by today.



Many Freightview users do both inbound and outbound shipping and want an easy way to toggle between the two. Saved views makes that super simple. You can make one view for each.

filter by direction


Spot Quotes

Freightview also supports the ability to spot quote. Set a view to easily see all of your spot shipments in one place.

filter by type


The possibilities for saved views are limitless. We hope some of these suggested views can be helpful in making Freightview work for you. These views on saved on a user by user basis so use them for works for your workflow.

What other views are you going to save? Let us know at

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