How To Use Reason Codes to Enhance Your Reporting

Picking the cheapest carrier might sound great in theory, but it may not be realistic for every shipment. You may need to pick the quickest transit time, or fulfill a customer request for a certain carrier.

If you don’t notate these exceptions it may become difficult to separate instances from where you are spending more without purpose and instances where you are spending more for a legitimate reason.

How do I manage these exceptions in Freightview?

Freightview gives you the option to add tags to your booked shipments. Set predetermined reason codes for your team and have them include a reason code on any shipment where the cheapest carrier is not selected. You can filter and sort by tags within Freightview and when you export your shipment list as well.

How do I set predetermined reason code tags?

You will find this under your settings. As a full access user you can enter a predetermined set of tags, and you can prevent other users from adding any new tags. Check out the previous posts on tags and tag management for more information.

Below you will see a few examples of reason codes for choosing a more expensive shipment.

shipment tags


How do I apply a tag?

Adding a tag to a shipment is really simple. When you’re on the shipment page, there is a field for tags, and if you click in the box any saved tags on your account will show in a dropdown.


How do I report on this?

Shipment tags will show up on any data export you pull from Freightview under the header “Tags.” I have created some dummy data for example purposes.

data export


With this raw data in an excel sheet you can easily create a pivot table to see how much extra money you had to spend on shipments for each individual reason code.

pivot table


This table shows that the customer spent $804.27 more than if they would have chosen the cheapest carrier. All but $319.41 is accounted for by reason codes. By clicking into the shipments without a reason code, you could more closely evaluate the shipments you spent extra on, and try to determine why.

The possibilities with the raw data are endless. This is just one small piece of the puzzle. What kind of reports have you created using the data export? I’d love to know in the comments-- it could help other shippers like you make the most of this powerful data.

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