Updating Your Quote Preferences

Here are Freightview we want you to be able to quote the way that works best for you so we’ve made the process a bit more customizable. When you go to your quote screen you will see a place to change your quote preferences.

You may be wondering which circumstances would require each preference.

Remember origin: Some shippers are only shipping from one location. If that’s the case, turn on this preference and your location will always auto populate when you go to run a quote within Freightview.

Remember destination: You would use this for similar reasons for remembering your quote origin. You may always ship to the same location, or only quote inbound freight.

Remember product: We understand that some shippers are not shipping the same commodities and don’t want anything to auto populate when they begin typing their item description. We give you the ability to turn that functionality off.

Populate weight, dimensions, pieces from product catalog: Many of our customers have told us they love that their commodity is remembered but they are shipping it in different amounts and don’t want the piece count, weight or dimensions remembered. If you toggle this off we won’t remember those things, but we will still remember your commodity, class, and NMFC number.