Tracking with R+L Carriers

One of the biggest benefits to using Freightview is the fact we pre-pro your shipments. This allows for the ability to get live tracking updates in Freightview.

This is a little more complicated with R+L Carriers. Freightview will apply a web PRO from R+L transmitted directly from the API. This PRO will begin with a “WE.”

However, when the driver comes to pick up your freight they will need to add an additional pro sticker. (They are the only carrier in Freightview that will ever need to do this!)

The driver will then scan both pros and you will still be able to track in Freightview with the assigned web PRO number. Scanning with will connect those PRO numbers within the R+L system.

r+l tracking

There may be a learning curve with your drivers. While they do need to add an additional pro sticker it is important to ensure they don’t put that pro sticker over the existing pro. Both should be visible and scanned by the driver upon pickup.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to the Freightview support team!