Three Lessons Businesses Learned in 2020

Three Lessons Businesses Learned in 2020

2020 forced many businesses to change processes and innovate in ways that allow for productivity with a reduced number of employees physically on the job, and it doesn’t appear that remote work is going anywhere anytime soon. There are plenty of things we can learn from our experiences in 2020 to ensure a smooth 2021 and beyond. Let’s talk about three crucial lessons we learned.

Be able to work remotely, and do it well.

2020 truly was the year of the Zoom meeting-- we all still needed to communicate with our teams to get things done, so we adapted, and found a way to replace in person meetings. This can, and should be, applied on a broad scale. Cloud based programs give the ability to do your work from anywhere.

We understand that there are exceptions, and some jobs have to be done on site but many roles can be more agile.

For example, Freightview gives shipping departments the ability to work together seamlessly. Whether you have multiple people handling your shipping or you’re a one person operation having all of your shipment in one place can be really beneficial. Freightview keeps a record of every shipment you book, forever, and you’ll know exactly where it is.

Communication, even when more difficult, is key

Remote work can feel very isolating for some. It is crucial to still feel connected and part of a team, even when everyone isn’t together. Tools like Slack and Teams can be extremely useful for continuous day-to-day communication. It can also be extremely beneficial to ensure you still get some ‘face time’ in via video chat. Some people communicate better verbally and sometimes you need to meet other people where they are.

According to Forbes, “Unclear messages can lead to confusion, both internally and externally with customers. It’s with your company and your employees in mind that you should hold regular communications training. It’s a great way to set employees up for success and move your company forward with everyone on the same page.”

Good communication is not only good for your team, and over company morale, it bleeds into how you communicate with your customers, as well.

Embrace innovation and agility in your business

Change came swiftly, whether we were ready for it or not in March of 2020. Being able to adopt new ways of doing things quickly and efficiently is something businesses should practice in a life post-pandemic as well.

Organizational change can be tough, for a multitude of reasons, but sometimes employees just don’t feel properly supported or equipped to take on the change. See lesson two above about communication for this one. Being open to changing and growing with your industry is a key to success. If better tools are available, it makes sense to use them.

For example, before platforms like Freightview, companies were jumping all over the internet to get a single shipment out the door. Sure, the old way worked, but adopting Freightview’s technology makes the process simpler. Check out our all inclusive guide to transportation management systems.

The last year has been tough-- professionally and personally, for a lot of people. The lessons we learned can improve things in 2021 and beyond.  

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