The Importance of Neutrality from your Transportation Management System

We’re proud of a lot of things at Freightview, but one of the things we find most brag-worthy is that we are completely neutral.

What does that mean?

It means we don’t answer to the carrier-- we answer to our customer. When you use Freightview, the only rates you see are the ones you negotiated. We are not going to take money from carriers in order to allow them to throw rates in front of you that you didn’t ask for.

Is that all?

No-- a major advantage to using Freightview over some of the other options out there is that your data isn’t for anyone but you. We do not, and never will, sell your shipping data to carriers or brokers. Doing this allows you to have control over how much or little raw data you share with your carrier reps when negotiating pricing.

That data is not only valuable, but crafted neatly in our analytics feature for you to access and review at any time. When it comes to negotiating and who you chose to share that with should be completely up to you. You have worked hard to establish your rates and direct relationships with your carriers-- we are not going to interfere with that.

Our only source of revenue is your monthly subscription fee. We have no biases when it comes to your carriers, and our top priority is to ensure you’re making the most of the carrier relationships you have already established.

Take back your day, and your shipping data. What are you waiting for? Start your free trial with Freightview today.