The Importance and Challenges of Adopting New Technology

We’re living in a digital age and 2020 has forced the hands of businesses who remained reluctant. This year has forced us to digitize more than ever before. In-person meetings and conferences are now hosted via video conferencing and remote work has become the norm for many industries and roles.

There is a gap between companies who have successfully adopted new technologies and those who haven’t. Check out this quote from an interview with Google Chief Economist Hal Varian, “If you look at the leading companies that are doing the best, that are the most advanced at using these new technologies, they’re doing pretty well in terms of productivity, where we think of output per worker, output per hour worked. But then there are still a lot of laggards who aren’t really adopting the new technologies and aren’t as productive as the leading firms in their industry.”

Here at Freightview we’ve understood the importance of a technological and digital approach since our creation. That being said, we know it’s not always easy to adapt to change. We know that Freightview is a really wonderful solution, but it’s more successful when it’s presented to users who are ready to adapt.

Anytime you introduce new technology you may have some apprehension and in order to overcome that it is helpful to understand the source and have concrete steps to ease your employees into it. Below are four important things to keep in mind when implementing new technology or any kind of change to your business.

Understanding the concept and benefits

Sometimes you’re too deep in the trees to see the forest. Sometimes when we’re at work it is really easy to be focused on our own piece of the process and not think about the bigger picture. It is a lot easier to get people on board to a change if they can understand the benefits in the big picture. Implementing new technology often will affect much more than just the department implementing the changes.


When you introduce a new process or technology to your staff, it is your responsibility to ensure proper training is executed. You can have the best technology but it means nothing if your staff is not comfortable utilizing it. Here at Freightview our support team is here to help you train your staff. Our support team is also available to answer any sort of questions you have along the way.

Continuing Education

As we introduce new features we host training sessions that we also record and post for ongoing training. We want to ensure that you and your staff always feel comfortable when using our platform, and we pride ourselves in having a clean and easy to use interface. When implementing new technology this kind of continued education is important in the ongoing success.

Celebrate your successes

Change, even when offering great benefits, can be really hard. The transition is so much easier when you celebrate your successes and milestones as they occur. Positivity encourages engagement. However, you should also create a space where valuable feedback is welcomed and discussed. This facilitates a more positive experience surrounding the changes.

Freightview is here to help. Not using our transportation management system yet? Sign up for a free trial today.