Terminals in Freightview

New feature alert! We now display terminal information for many of your carriers within Freightview.

If you click on the ellipses (...) next to your rate that will expand your rate as well as show terminal information. Now you’ll have accessibility to the location and contact information for the terminal responsible for your shipments fromm pickup to drop-off.

You will see this information when you run a rate quote, but you can also access it post booking. If you go to your shipment page, there is a button on the left hand side that says, “View other quotes.”

This link will allow you to see the rate you chose alongside the ones you didn’t. The rate you actually chose will be in color. We will also also you expand on your terminal information there.

Having direct terminal information can be super helpful in multiple instances. For example, if your information you originally sent over to the carrier changes, you have the resources to reach out to the correct terminal to have your pickup information changed.

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