Here at Freightview we serve such a variety of customers but they all have one common goal-- to streamline their shipping processes. We’ve heard stories from some of our customers where they enter their order into Freightview, and then again into their ERP.

You can stop the double entry, and integrate Freightview into your ERP. We give you access to your own personal API key.

Leverage Freightview’s APIs to create a powerful shipping flow to get information in and out of your company's system. This process ensures no duplicate entry and provides a very efficient way to integrate Freightview into your day to day business activities. Pull rates into your system using our Rater API and use Freightview to book it. Pull information from our Info API to get dispatch information such as PRO#'s, tracking and more. Below are common use cases for our APIs. We do not build out the integration for you, but we do have great resources, and are available to answer any questions along the way.

Visit our integrations page for a more in depth look are our API documentation. Contact the support team for any questions!

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