Spot quoting

Note: This article is out of date and describes our spot quoting functionality before we launched out of beta. We've since launched Spot Quoting with Freightview publicly to all of our customers, check out the full announcement.

Sending spot quotes

You send a spot quote by quoting a shipment, just like normal:


When you quote a shipment over 5 pallets or over 5000 pounds, we'll show you a hint, because we think you might want to get spot quotes:

Rate list

Note: the "Get spot quotes" option is always available, for any shipment no matter the pallet count or weight, we just don't call it out.

When you select "Get spot quotes", we'll take you to a page to allow you to select valid equipment types for the shipments:

Select equipment type

After you selected your equipment types, we allow you to select which carriers to send the spot quote to, you can also add and edit the email address to which these spot quotes will be delivered on this page:

Spot quote carrier select

Clicking on "Send quote requests" will send the spot quotes to each carrier you have selected. The above is available to every user who is using Freightview today. The next part is where the beta begins.

After you send the spot quote, you'll land on page that allows you to see all of the spot quotes you've ran:

Spot quote list

Pulling responses back into Freightview

When we send the spot quote request to the carrier, we now give the carrier a simple website to enter quote information for each of the spot quotes that are sent out. This allows us to capture the quote information and display it inside Freightview.

Spot quote email

Clicking on "Quote this shipment" takes the carrier to a simple website to enter quote information:

Carrier quote page

When a carrier uses this web site to submit a quote, we will send you an email with the information and it will show up inside of Freightview in the spot quote section:

Spot quote list

When you click on one of these cards (the most recent is first), we will show you the conversation with each carrier you've requested a spot quote from as well as any quotes they've entered:

Spot quote conversation

Tendering a shipment

Once you have some quotes back, you are able to select your quote, and award that shipment to the carrier:

Spot quote award

This will immediately take you to the booking page to start booking the shipment:

Booking a spot quote

We also send the carrier a message letting them know that you want that truck and to expect a BOL soon:

Spot quote award email

If you don't want to book that shipment right now, you can get back to the booking page for that shipment via the spot quote section by clicking on "Book now" on the spot quote card:

Spot quote card - book now

Once you have filled out the rest of the information about the shipment on the booking page, and book the shipment, the shipment will then look just like any other shipment that is booked with Freightview:

Freightview shipment

With a BOL, that includes the quote number so you can make sure you get that same rate from the spot quote:

Freightview BOL

Once you have booked the shipment and generated a bill of lading, we'll send that information over to the same email address that you used to spot quote the shipment to get it tendered and ask them to confirm the pickup:

Carrier email - confirm pickup

They will be able to open Freightview, add a pickup number to the shipment and confirm they will make the pickup:

Carrier app - confirm pickup

Once it is confirmed, we'll show a link to the bill of lading:

Carrier app - bill of lading link