Sourcing Journal: Freightview Trims Time and Money Spent on Shipping

Sourcing Journal has a feature today on how Freightview helps small and midsized businesses save time and money and improve their operations.

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“Almost all the companies that make freight management software only focus on really big companies. Their products don’t work for SMBs. They’re too complicated, too expensive, too hard to roll out and too hard to use in daily life,” Roberts explained, noting, “A few other little startups are putting their toes in the water but our number one competitor is the manual, inefficient process that shippers are using today… When he has a single shipment to move, he has to go to all these different sites and run quotes. And even once he books shipments they’re all scattered—there’s no one place to see all of his data. So the challenge is awakening him to the fact that this way that he’s doing it, there’s no need to do it anymore.”

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