We launched Freightview for WooCommerce in March. Since then, the number one request we have gotten from customers using it has been the ability to support adding a markup to the displayed rates.

We've supported markups on the Freightview website for a while now, but I'm glad to announce today that we've released the ability to apply markups via our rating API as well. This allows Freightview to add a percentage-based markup to every rate we return via the rating API. Let's take a look at how to set it up:

First, invite a new user to your account. You can do this by clicking the plus sign above the list of users on the Freightview Homebase page.

Add user - Freightview Homebase

We recommend using a distribution list email for this user, but any email address works as long as you can get access to its inbox.

Enter their email to invite

Once you've invited your user, go ahead and add a markup to their account. This will apply to rates they see inside Freightview as well as rates from our rating API using their API key.

Set the markup

Log out from your Freightview account, and check the email for the user that you've just added. There should be a message from us inviting you to set up your Freightview account. Go ahead and set up the new user.

Fill out the Freightview signup

Next, you'll need to grab the user-specific API key from the user account you just created. From the main menu, click "API key":

API key dropdown

Information about your API key will appear:

User API key

Copy this API key and paste it into your Freightview for WooCommerce settings.

Paste the API key into Freightview for WooCommerce settings

That's it! Your WooCommerce cart should now be showing rates to your customers with the markup included.

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