Set your quote preferences to match your shipping style

We designed the Freightview quote page to be the fastest, friendliest way to check your freight rates. One of the ways it helps out is to remember the details of your last quote so you can make a few quick changes and you're ready to go.

As we listened to customer feedback and watched people use Freightview, we realized that our approach didn't fit everyone.

  • If you ship outbound to lots of different places, you don't need it to remember the destination.
  • If you're mostly setting up inbound shipments, you don't want it to remember the origin.
  • If you're doing third party drop shipping, you don't want the origin or the destination filled in.
  • If you move a bunch of different products, you want the product section to be blank.

So we introduced quote preferences. You can configure the page to fit your process by clicking on the gear menu.

Screenshot of gear

Now you can set each section to be blank or filled out with the last quote's information. Since most new customers are shipping outbound freight, the default is to only remember the origin information.

Screenshot of panel

Even if you leave a section blank, it's easy to pull up the information you entered for a previous shipment, so you never have to type the same information twice.

Screenshot of address book

And you can always pull up one of your previous quotes as the starting point for your next one.

Screenshot of quote history

We want Freightview to be not just innovative but also practical. We want it to match your own shipping style. Try setting your quote preferences today.