Send your bill of lading to the people who need it

When you book a shipment using Freightview, you can send the bill of lading to people at the origin and destination.

This is helpful for telling a vendor about an order they need to prepare, telling customers to expect a delivery, and so on.

Now you can also choose to send the BOL to other people who aren't at the origin or destination. Maybe the sales rep who sold the order wants to know the final shipping details. Or the purchasing manager at the customer wants a copy for his records. Just add their email addresses here before you book the shipment.

Add email addresses

There are also times when you need to send a copy of the BOL after you've booked a shipment. On the shipment details page, this indicator shows you how many people you've sent it to so far:

Followers button

Click it to see a list. From here, you can send the BOL to other people, see who have already received it, and even re-send it to someone who's already on the list.

List of followers

With all of these ways to send the bill of lading, you can make sure that your shipment details are right at the fingertips of everyone who needs them.