Seasonal Shipping

Don’t overspend during your busy season

Not every shipper is going to be busy all of the time, and that’s okay. You should ensure that your higher profits in the busy season can carry your company through during the slow season and you aren’t scraping the bottom of the bank. But how do you do that?

Do you need more manpower?

“It can be tough to staff appropriately when your shipping volumes fluxuate. If you go into a busy season too lean, your performance could suffer. If you’re over-staffed in a lull you’re eating into profits with your labor costs. Consider Hiring seasonal employees rather than bringing on full time help. This way, you are covered when volume is high, and not over burdened in slow seasons. 
You’ll need to be able to onboard seasonal help quickly. So make sure they have good tools and an efficient process to follow for shipping.

Do you simply need more hours in the day?

You obviously can’t get more hours in the day unless you can get ahold of the Ministry of Magic and get your hands on a time turner but you CAN take back your work day with the help of Freightview. Logging into to multiple different carrier websites to find the best rate for a shipment takes a lot of time and with Freightview you can streamline that process. See if you’re a fit.

But isn’t Freightview going to cost me more money?

Don’t worry we will take your slower season into account when setting a price. Your monthly Freightview subscription is likely going to cost you less than a single LTL shipment. You also have an opportunity to save by gaining visibility to your best quotes every time.

How can I ensure an ROI?

With Freightview, you can also collect data on every shipment. As you start to collect data, you’ll be better equipped to predict and prepare for the ebbs and flows in your shipping volumes. This raw data can also be really useful when you are negotiating rates with your carriers. You’ll find that Freightview can create both hard and soft cost savings, but you don’t have to take our word for it- try it for free for a month and measure the ROI yourself.

What if we choose Freightview, and need to discontinue for awhile?

There are no contracts. If volume gets too low to justify using us you can cancel at anytime. You can also reinstate your account at anytime. All your carrier connections will still be there and we will have you back in action same day. We’ll be here when you need us.

Freightview is is here to help businesses that are booming all year, or just have a few busy months. See for yourself how we can help and sign up for a free trial today.