Protect your LTL shipment from freezing

It's cold outside, at least here in Kansas City, and getting colder. When the temperature dips below 32 degrees, some types of freight need to be protected. For that, LTL carriers offer a special service: protect from freezing (a.k.a. "freeze protection").

Each carrier has its own rules about how and when they offer the service. For example, here's what ABF, Holland and Pitt Ohio have to say about it.

Freightview makes it simple to protect from freeze. When you're running a quote, choose...

Add accessorials & services

...then check:

Protect from freezing

The rates you get back will include your pricing for that service. And when you schedule a pickup, Freightview will communicate your need to the carrier and specify it on the bill of lading.

Not every carrier supports online rating for freeze protection. When one doesn't, we show a message like this, and we'll keep working with them on it:

No online quoting

If the products you ship need to be protected from freezing, and you have rates with LTL multiple carriers, you need Freightview. Try it out for free today.