How Overlength Measures Up

Overlength charges moonlight under a few different names. Overlength, excessive length, articles of extreme configuration, over dimension, etc. For the sake of continuity we will just use the term ‘overlength’ for the remainder of this blog post.

What is an overlength charge?

An overlength charge is exactly what it sounds like. A charge for when you ship freight that takes up a lot of space in the trailer. The length at which a carrier starts charging, and the amount the charge varies pretty heavily. Some carriers start charging at 6 feet while others do not implement the charge until 15 feet.

Some carriers also will provide multiple levels for the charge. For example, one price for 12-15 feet, another price for 16-20 feet, etc. Prices for overlength also vary greatly.

How do I find out more information about a carriers overlength charges?

The best way to find out a carriers rules and and prices for overlength (and any other accessorial) is their rules tariff.

Most carriers keep a copy of their rules tariff on their website. Below you will find an example from the A. Duie Pyle rules tariff of how this might look.

Overdimension rules tariff definition

Where does linear/lineal foot come into play?

Just like all accessorials linear foot rules vary per carrier. You will need to check on a per carrier basis. Calculating linear foot for a shipment can be pretty complicated. The explanation of the rules often takes up a page or more in a carriers rules. Linear foot comes into play when the length of your entire shipment exceeds a given amount of trailer space, and the rest of the trailer cannot be utilized, and will often be charged off a per mile or pounds per hundred weight rate. You will need to make a decision here if it is wiser and more cost effective to just book a truckload (TL) shipment.

If you aren’t sure if your shipment is overlength or violates the linear foot rule just talk to a carrier rep. They’ll be happy to help you navigate.

What are you going to do with all of this data?

The Freightview platform now supports overlength for carriers who allow it through online rating. Simply enter your dimensions when you quote, the overlength charge will automatically be calculated into your quote.

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