Our Most Read Posts in 2020

With the fourth quarter upon us I thought it could be useful to share some of our top blog posts throughout 2020. These are our most viewed blogs so far this year and they can be beneficial to you as well!

Here are our four most read blog posts so far in 2020.

Introducing: Parcel in Freightview

Our biggest blog this year is the announcement of our parcel functionality back in March. The post covers had to add parcel to your account and how to use it.

The post also includes a recording of a webinar walking through how to use this feature.

Why Would I Want to get Spot Quotes?

When you send out spot quotes to carriers you generally will send the same information to multiple different carriers and choose the one who gives you the most bang for your buck.

Here we break down what spot quotes are, how they work, and the benefits of using them. We offer a tool in Freightview to make your spot quoting easier than ever and gets your spot quotes out of your email inbox.

Know Your Quoting Page: Handy Features at a Glance

This post goes back to Freightview basics. We cover every piece of the quoting page from pickup location, to consignee location, to what you are shipping.

One of our biggest points of pride is how sleek and easy-to-use our quote page is and this post highlights that.

Grow Your Margins by Marking Up Your Freight

Freightview allows you to set a markup each of your shipments. Many customers mark up their freight because they have a high shipping volume, and deal with the significant cost of paying for packaging, choosing the right price and booking/loading the shipment, as well as paying the freight invoices. Adding an additional amount to your freight can be a great way to soften the blow of your normal shipping costs, or even create a new profit center.

New Feature Alert: Freightview Carrier

Freightview Carrier is an easy way for carriers to manage every spot quote and shipment they’re attached to via Freightview. Your spot quote carriers now have the ability to give you tracking updates and those updates will appear in Freightview.

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