Our Customers Love Us: 2021 Reviews

At Freightview, customer satisfaction is something that is extremely important to us. We read every customer review we receive across Capterra and G2, and this is often where we direct potential customers when they are looking into Freightview. We want them to hear from shippers like them. 

We have over 600 reviews out there, but we wanted to take a moment to highlight some we've gotten so far in 2021. 

Shipping Data

Freightview has a great reporting function. We use the data to gain insights into our freight shipments and work closely with our freight vendors to get better pricing based on class, dimensional characteristics and lanes. Data is king.

Freightview also is the single place to find updates on a shipment, where it is in transit, and any any information from carriers on delays. This lets allows us to give more timely updates to our customers. -- David C, Director of Operations


 I love the fact that I can see quotes from multiple carriers. This makes it easy to compare rates and see my available options all in one place. I also like the way the site is organized. My BOLs and additional information are all in order on the left of the screen and my tracking information is at the bottom. It's very user-friendly. --Penny W., Logistics Coordinator 

Integration and Setup

It was taking weeks to get carriers set up with the other provider.  I had to get API Keys, and account numbers, and meter numbers, and passwords, and it was a nightmare!  With Freight View my carriers were set up literally within half an hour.  Then I e-mailed them my address books, and all the customer/suppliers addresses were added to the system.  And we were shipping on the software before the end of the day. --Amy S, Consultant

Customer Support

The customer service provided, especially on the technical side of things, has been a life-saver. -- Drew D., Director 

One of the things I most appreciate about Freight View is their customer service.  There is a chat button right on the webpage, so if a question comes up and we don’t know how to do something in the software that we want to do… all I have to do is click it, and someone is right there.  The other providers I’ve used had their support either overseas, or I was only able to contact them via e-mail, and it took forever to get a response. -- Amy S., Consultant

This is just scraping the service of our multitude of reviews. We don't want you to take our word for it-- these are all public online via third-party review sites. 

If you want to see more of what our customers are saying visit our profiles on Capterra and G2

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