New & Improved Lane Map Analytics

Here at Freightview we believe one of the biggest values we provide to our customers are the analytics we collect and share with you.

The development team recently revamped the lane map analytics, and we might be a little biased, but it’s pretty awesome.

We’ve always provided a visual very similar to the one below-- a visual lane map of the actual lanes in which you are moving freight.

Now, you will notice the states are multiple color shades. The darker the shade the higher the volume of your freight going to those states.

There are also different colored and sized dots on this map signifying destination locations. The bigger the dot, the higher the volume going to that specific location.

Hover over lane, or a state, and you can see the total volume, total spent, total weight, and the breakdown of cost per CWT. Click, and you can make that information stay on the map so you can compare different states or lanes.

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