New feature: Archive shipments

Once you've booked a bunch of shipments through Freightview, your shipment list starts to get a little crowded. Sometimes you want to take an old shipment off the list — and now you can.

When you're on your shipment page, whether you're looking at it in tile view or list view, you can click the "Archive" button.

Screenshot of shipment tile

The shipment disappears from the page and goes to your Archive. You can go to your Archive to see your old shipments.

Screenshot of archive page

And you can search for archived shipments, so they're never very far away if you need them back.

Screenshot of searching for an archived shipment

You can also archive a shipment from the details page.

Screenshot of archiving shipment from the details page

And it's just a click to restore something from the archive back to your shipments page.

Screenshot of archived shipment

We hope you like it!