New Feature Alert: Cancel API

Shipment cancellations happen. It can be a real pain to call customer service and wait on hold just to get your shipment cancelled or to send an email and wait for confirmation that it’s been taken care of.



This process just got a lot easier for six of your carriers. We have implemented Cancel API’s for C.H Robinson, Dayton, Estes, FedEx, UPS and XPO.

What does this mean?

This means cancelling your shipments directly with your carriers is as easy as clicking a button. The same technology used to schedule your shipments is in place to handle the cancellation.

How do I use it?

You will go to your shipment page within Freightview, and find “Cancel pickup” on the left hand column on the page.



When you click this one one of the carriers where cancel API is supported you will see a message at the top of your shipment page that says, “This shipment has been cancelled in the carrier’s system and will not be picked up.”



What if I cancel with a carrier without a cancel API?

No worries-- we will always let you know if you need to take action to cancel a shipment. If you do need to call the carrier directly we’ll tell you and prompt you with their phone number.

As more carriers build out cancel API’s we will implement them accordingly. We hope this is one more way Freightview can make your shipping process a little bit easier.

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