Mitigating LTL Accessorial Fees

Are you getting charged an arm and a leg in accessorial fees? If your freight characteristics, processes, or equipment requirements go beyond basic freight pickup and delivery, you’ll be charged additional fees. Often, these deviations from the standard drive inefficiencies that create strain on carrier networks, drivers, and operational processes.

So, what can you do to mitigate these fees?

  1. Carriers will be more receptive to negotiations if you understand the true frequency of your accessorials and your accessorial cost as a percentage of your total LTL volume.

  2. Penalties for classification errors are increasing. Classes change to reflect the trend toward products that are lighter weight but consume more space on trucks, and are a significantly higher value liability for carriers. Make sure you stay up to speed on classification changes to avoid these penalties.

  3. Before the carrier takes the shipment, make sure they know exactly where the freight is going and what kinds of challenges they might have in delivering it. Delivering to a residence is different than delivery to a warehouse, so eliminate any potential issues by keeping carriers in the loop.

  4. Keep a close eye on carrier rate and rule tariffs. Most carriers list their accessorials as tariffs, but they can change accessorial fees without notice, so make sure you’re in the know.

  5. Do what you can to help carriers become more efficient. If you’re able to drive some efficiencies in their business, they will be more inclined to consider waiving accessorials.

  6. Some carriers will waive accessorials such as late night delivery charges if it fits in with other requirements of their service network.

Maintaining a line of open communication can always help you avoid any unnecessary accessorial expenses. You can use Freightview’s instant BOLs and labels to communicate any special instructions or contact info that might be of use to your carrier. By streamlining your shipping processes, you can save both time and money.