Meet a Freightview Expert: Brenna

We are a small, close knit team here at Freightview and we thought it would be fun if you could get to know us a little better. If you’ve reached out to our support team chances are you’ve interacted with Brenna, so we wanted to start with her. Check out our interview with Brenna below.



What does your job entail?

My job entails working with customers to work through any issues they may have, as well as provide training on how to use and optimize Freightview. I also work with carriers and developers to ensure we provide the best and efficient experience for our customers.

A typical day looks like answering any incoming calls or chats from customers or carriers. I work on any issues customers are having and either work with the carrier or the developers to resolve. I also work on connecting customers rates to their carriers. Every day can look different, so it makes it fun!

What is your favorite Freightview memory?

Hard to pick just one! I always love any time the team is all together, either during our weekly lunches or team outings. It is such a gift to genuinely enjoy and like being around your coworkers! ….Also whenever a Freightview puppy comes in for a visit!

What is one of the most common questions you get working support?

How to look at past shipment history over 90 days. I love the blogs and think they are such a great way for customers to learn about Freightview’s functionality. So in this case, I would direct customers here.

Another common question I get which is, more of a statement: “My rates look off.”

My first response would always be to ask for an example, so I can see what they are seeing and then go directly to the carrier’s website. I run the same rate and then go from there.

What do you love most about your job?

The people I work with and our work hard, play hard mentality, but no one wants to hear about that so I’ll keep it practical 😁. I love being able to first hand solve a customer's issue or educate them on Freightview’s functionality. I am the most relaxed Type A personality you will meet, so being able to help others organize and make their lives easier brings me joy!

In your opinion, what is the coolest thing Freightview has rolled out?

Parcel… This was such an achievement for our team! A lot of thought, blood, sweat, and tears went into it and it’s great to see customers using it now and incorporating into their daily workflows.

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