Manage your address book with Freightview

When you use individual carrier and broker websites to ship your freight, your address information is scattered across those sites. If you've shipped to a customer using Dayton, then the next time you ship to that customer you choose Lakeville, you have to type the address again, along with all of the supporting information, like their shipping and receiving hours.

With Freightview, you use one address book across all of your carriers and brokers. Once you ship to someone, you never have to enter their information again. Here's how it works:

First, Freightview remembers every address you use so you never have to type it twice. The moment you book a shipment, the address is committed to your address book.

The next time you ship to the same address, start typing the company name and choose the address you used before:

Screenshot of address suggestions

You can also type the city or zip code to see matching addresses:

Screenshot of zip code suggestions

If you want to see your whole address book, click on the icon next to the field. The address book panel slides out. From there, you can search, add a new address and edit (or delete) an existing address. Click on an address to choose it.

Screenshot of address book panel

You can also go directly to your address book without starting a shipment. Just choose address book from the gear menu:

Screenshot of gear menu

Freightview lets you use your own carriers and rates without the hassle of going to all of their websites. Start a 30-day free trial and try it for yourself!