Limitation of Liability on the Freightview BOL

As you may have noticed we have added some legalese to our BOL to allow you to limit your liability on Outbound Collect shipments created with Freightview. This is also sometimes called “Section 7.” Let us mention we are in the business of freight-- we’re not lawyers, we’ve never played one on TV, and as it turns out extensive Law & Order viewing does not qualify an individual for legal counsel.

What is Section 7?

Section 7 is protection for a shipper on a collect shipment in the event the consignee does not or cannot pay. It adds an extra layer or protection for shippers. You are instructing the carrier not to deliver the freight until they have collected payment from the consignor. Most carriers are likely to forgo that advice and deliver anyway with the intention of collecting payment later, assuming the consignee has available credit with the carrier.

What does this look like on my BOL?

“If this shipment is to be delivered to the consignee without recourse, the consignor shall sign the following statement: The carrier shall not make delivery on this shipment without payment of freight and all other charges.”

What happens if I sign Section 7 on my outbound collect BOL?

You are, in essence, telling the carrier if they cannot collect payment from the consignor of the freight they cannot return to you, as the shipper, to collect freight charges. Simply having the payment terms marked collect does not offer you the same protection from financial responsibility that Section 7 does.

Freightview BOLs are efficient, attractive, and now offer Section 7 on outbound collect shipments. Give us a try with a free trial.