Let's Talk FAKs

Let's Talk FAKs

We’ve talked about FAKs on the Freightview blog before, but it’s been awhile, so here you’ll find a refresher on what exactly an FAK is and when having one in place can benefit you as a shipper.

What is an FAK?

A Freight of All Kinds agreement (FAK) allows you to ship and bill multiple items under a single class. This helps to streamline your shipping process if you are shipping multiple different classed products. FAK can be beneficial to include in your rates, but there are shortcomings that you should be aware of, read on for steps to ensure you are implementing a successful FAK strategy.

When will having an FAK benefit me?

If you often ship a density based commodity having an FAK could benefit you. What does this mean? If the class of your product is based off of weight and dimensions versus the actual commodity then an FAK could be the way to go. This can help to ensure your billed class for a product will remain consistent versus changing based on the density.

If you ship a lot of mixed pallet freight an FAK can benefit you in this instance as well. If you put multiple classes on a pallet the highest class product is likely going to determine how you are billed. If this is something you are frequently doing then negotiating an FAK agreement with your carrier can save you money and possible some confusion as well.

mixed class pallet

Can Freightview calculate my FAK rates?

Freightview is connected to your carriers via API-- this means that we can pull in your rates exactly how your carrier has them loaded. You can enter the true class of your commodity and we will bring back a rate based on the FAK you have in place with your carriers.

You’ve worked hard to establish your pricing with your carriers-- we’re just here to make it easier to weight all of your shipping options.

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