Let's talk about Profinder.

Our goal at Freightview is take make your shipping processes easier and more efficient. We have a really cool tool in place that we don't talk about nearly enough-- Profinder.

We give you a pre-assigned pro number but we know sometimes things happen and your freight might be re-stickered at pickup. Profinder, will use other information regarding your shipment to update your pro number for you.

Multiple times throughout the day Freightview will check shipments that should have been picked up, but have no updated tracking, and see if we can find an updated pro number. If so, we will update that pro number, as well as the tracking tied along to it.

You will see a note letting you know that Freightview updated your pro number.

Freightview is the only TMS with this capability. Profinder is just one more way Freightview is streamling your shipping processes.

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